As of this writing, the band currently has over 100 non-playing members. The below is our current list of active officers and playing members. As you’ll notice by their last names, some of our members are descendents of the band’s founding members. Now that’s a legacy!


President: Sandy Guthrie
Vice President: Steve McDonald
Secretary: Bud Bradford
Treasurer: David Guthrie


Joiem Kawas
Ken MacRae
Kris Wood


David Guthrie – Pipes
Jim Guthrie – Pipes
Stuart Mayhew – Pipes
Malcolm Reid – Pipes
Bob Guthrie – Drums
Mike Guthrie – Drums
Tom Dawes – Bass



David Guthrie
Roy Cotton
Tamara Crane
Jim Guthrie
Joiem Kawas
Malcom Reid
Eva Lindgren
Allan MacLeod (alt. Bass/Tenor)
Ken MacRae
Steve McDonald
Bob Wood
Kenneth Aitken
Christopher Anderson

Side Drummers

Phillip Stein
Bud Bradford

Tenor Drummers

Shannon Kanavan
Sadie Crane

Bass Drummers

Sandy Guthrie